Penguin Highway SPOILER Foreshadowing!

I almost missed the limited time screening for Penguin Highway, but I managed to watch it twice before and after completing me exams! I knew there had to be some foreshadowing involved and I noticed one particular detail that was important. I am going to watch it again when it comes to Blu-Ray as I forgot already some of them in the theatre! I am saddened I have forgotten (terribly bad memory) a lot of stuff I wanted to bring up, but at least I’ll be able to bring them back up after I buy the movie!


Onee-san remarked that she could not eat anything, but throughout the movie, she actually does not eat anything at all! Even when she cooks and serves Aoyama his food, she is just seen playing with her food. After they are finished, there is a quick and easily missable shot where you can see that she basically never ate anything to begin with. This is the only instance in the movie that you see her eating something, yet she doesn’t!

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